The Erie Leading Index (ELI) is published each season and gives an important economic outlook on what is to come for the Erie economy. The past two years of publications can be found here.

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Latest Erie Data 

Find monthly fact sheets giving the latest data on the local Erie economy for the past year. 

ERIE's Annual Economic Conference 

Curious about ERIE's Annual Economic Conference? Click here to view the presentations, agenda, and announcements from the last conference. The theme for this conference changes every year. Previous conferences have focused on issues such as brain drain, immigration, and the revitalization of Erie's economy. 

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ERIE Guide to the Erie Economy

Looking for a more exhaustive study of the Erie economy? Try downloading our latest edition of the ERIE Guide to the Erie Economy. This bi-annual guide of over 100 pages examines the Erie economy on all fronts. 

ERIE Economic Studies and Reports

For more research conducted by ERIE, look in ERIE Economic Studies and Reports. There will surely be something to catch your interest.   

Other Studies of Erie and the Northwest Pennsylvania Region

Want to see other economic development studies of Erie and the Northwest Pennsylvania Region? You can find them here. View an extensive list of studies compiled by James A. Kurre, Ph.D. as well as a summary of information on 25 selected studies. 

Grape and Wine Industry Reports

Other studies featuring the Grape and Wine Industry in Pennsylvania and New York! 


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