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ELI #29 is here!

Just in time for Spring, the highly anticipated ELI #29 has arrived! Take a look here!


Presentations from 2018 ERIE Conference on Revitalizing Erie's Economy

ELI #28 - 2nd Quarter 2018 Report

Don't miss out on this edition of the latest ERIE Leading Index! Take a look here!


ELI #27 is here!

Just in time for Spring, the highly anticipated ELI #27 has arrived! Take a look here!


ELI #26 has arrived!

We are proud to present the latest ERIE Leading Index! Click Here to view!


ELI #25 is now out!

Check out the latest edition of the ERIE Leading Index! Click Here to view!

ELI #24 - 2nd Quarter 2017 Report

Enjoy the Summer sunshine with a copy of ELI #24! Take a look here!


Current Municipal economic Development Incentives in Erie County

An updated report on incentives for Erie Country. Check it out here!

2016 Conference Presentations

Slides have been posted from the 13th Annual ERIE Conference for your viewing pleasure. Click Here to access them. More coming soon.


ERIE on Facebook

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ERIE Guide to the Erie Economy, 5th Edition (2015)

Get a glimpse into what is happening in Erie's economy by checking out the ERIE Guide to the Erie Economy, 5th edition. This report includes interesting information about Erie and how the region compares to the nation in terms of employment, income, demographics, poverty, migration and much more!


Measuring Sprawl 2014

Analyzes development in 221 metropolitan areas across the United States, as well as the relationship between development and quality of life indicators in those areas.


Starting Salaries by College Major, 2013-14

Useful information for those selecting a college major, or thinking about changing their careers. Starting salary is not the only thing to consider, clearly. But it IS one important thing to take into account since it will have a huge impact on your standard of living, probably for the rest of your life.

The Economic Value of Protected Open Space in Erie County
by the Lake Erie Region Conservancy; Feb. 2013
Download the report here!

Import Substitution Study released
A study commissioned by the Economic Development Corporation of Erie County, “Building Erie by Buying Erie” was released on 3/8/2012. It details a way to identify industries that might grow or be added to Erie’s industry mix to help keep local dollars local. These might be profitable opportunities for local entrepreneurs! A full copy of the report can be accessed using the link above. Thanks to the EDCEC for funding this research!

"The Problem"
By Dr. James A. Kurre
October 2011.

The Erie Chamber generously invited Dr. Kurre to do an editorial on any topic of his choosing for their ERIEMagazine. Turns out that did NOT include Cincinnati chili, so he wrote about how we can help kids make good decisions about majors and careers. (Okay, just kidding about that Cincy chili thing...) Here's the link; the article is the first thing in the issue. See what you think, and pass it on if you like it.

Powering Pennsylvania: GE Transportation's Impact on the Economy and Community-at-Large in Northwestern Pennsylvania 2010.
April 20, 2011.
GE Transportation Commissioned Tripp Umbach Study.

ELI Music Video: "Will It Be Now or Later?"
by ERIE former GRA Jeremiah Riethmiller
Caution: Contents may be silly!
(This link will take you to YouTube for a 4:16 video.)







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Economic Research Institute of Erie (ERIE)

The purpose of ERIE is to collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate data, information, and forecasts for the Erie, PA regional economy. Our continuing research program seeks to help the local community better understand the regional economy and its linkages to the national economy. ERIE provides a source of information for local leaders and media who have questions about the local, national and international economies. ERIE compiles data on the local economy from a wide range of sources, and helps local users access and evaluate these data.

Established in late 1982, the Institute is an applied research unit of Penn State Erie's Sam and Irene Black School of Business. We do not wish to duplicate the activities of other Erie-area organizations. Rather, we seek to use our collective training and experience in the areas of data manipulation and technical analysis to provide support to those whose expertise falls in different fields.

Another important goal of ERIE is to provide our students with relevant experience with applied economic research and data.

Our primary focus is on Erie County, Pennsylvania, but we also gather some data on the nation and the broader northwest Pennsylvania area, as well as some sub-county units. We anticipate adding data for other local counties as the site expands.

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