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We have had more than a little help to make this web site a reality. Here are some of the folks to whom we're indebted.


Dr. Kathleen Noce, Penn State Erie Lecturer in MIS and Computer Science, and Director of Partnership Erie. Primary oversight of all technical aspects of the Website including branding and site scoping. Leader of Partnership Erie, a community effort by Penn State Behrend to bring the web to the community. Contact Dr. Noce at kxn9@psu.edu

Richard Krone
, Implemented complete redesign of site from code to interface. Primary XHTML and Coldfusion programmer for the site programming back end. MS Access Developer for front end database. Primary graphic artist , animator and layout designer for whole of the ERIE website developed during the summer / fall semesters in 2003. Penn State Behrend MIS Graduate Fall 2003.

IT Team, Special thanks to the fine IT team at Penn State Behrend for their assistance in all matters great and small with regards to technical assistance and for going out of the way to provide outstanding service to even the smallest need.

Josh Boyce, Penn State Erie MIS graduate, 2002. Expanded on previous design work especially data handling, Summer/Fall 2002.
Jason Giedymin, Penn State Erie MIS graduate. Initial design work on the site, Fall 2001/Spring 2002.
Adam Best , Penn State Erie MIS graduate Spring 2006.

ERIE Research Assistants
Mike Hammill, Penn State Erie MBA graduate, Business Economics graduate December 2003. Summer 2002 - 2005.
Ken Schwab, Penn Stat Erie Business Economics major, spring 2003-2005.
Peter Binotto, Penn State Erie Business Economics major, fall 2003-2005.


These organizations have donated data for inclusion in the ERIE web site

Erie Airport Authority


Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership - The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, with the support of Erie County Government, provided the lion's share of funding to make this web site a reality. There may have been an Erie web site without them, but it would have been much more limited in content and lacking in many of the features that make the site eaiser to use.
Erie Community Foundation - ECF provided important seed money to get this project started in 2001. That important first step led to all the rest...

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